Audiovisual Media and Theatre Department

The field of Audiovisual Media and Theatre responds to the new artistic and technological needs of contemporary theatre, conceived as live interactive art, including the need for artistic reflection and qualified audiovisual documentation of dramatic production. 

The entry of electronic audiovisual means of expression into theatrical creation has opened up space for new specific artistic disciplines, from live multimedia audiovisual productions, through adaptations of originally theatrical forms, to live broadcasts of theatrical performances and dramatic activities. The artistic forms created in this way currently have several uses. For example, they become part of the programme offer of mass media and they address the widest audience in their audiovisual form. This significantly expands the possibility of mapping theatrical potential throughout the birth of a dramatic form. If the outputs are of sufficient quality, the recordings created in this way also acquire the dimension of a document, enabling a retrospective reflection of an otherwise difficult to transform and fleeting theatrical experience. This increases the possibility of more comprehensively monitoring the development of dramatic arts and it fundamentally changes the conditions of expert theoretical documentation and research in this field.

Further information

The department´s credo is to prepare creators who will be well versed in the new artistic space, educated, creative, artistically and technologically capable of creating their own audiovisual-theatrical projects. The idea is to cultivate future artists through artistic recording to reflect on the development of theatre and stage forms both on the level of personal creation and in a historical context.

A student of the field will receive theoretical education in the field of theatre and audiovisual production, undergo practical exercises and prepare a graduation project, during which he or she will develop his or her creative talent and acquire expression, as well as technical and technological skills. At the end of the studies, such a student is professionally prepared and educated in the field of electronic and digital recordings for the creation, processing and dissemination of audiovisual works and for the application of interactive media in theatre projects. Graduates are able to combine their creative artistic input, theoretical knowledge and analytical skills with professional technical knowledge to create an artistic audiovisual work or theatre project using the principles of multimedia communication.

The Audiovisual Media and Theatre  Department fundamentally respects the creative leadership of the JAMU  departments of dramaturgy and directing, complementing them with the necessary anchoring of artistic production in the ability to command and master the technologies necessary for their presentation, documentation and archiving, while paying due attention to the specificity of contemporary theatre and audiovisual production. In particular, this relationship distinguishes graduates of the Audiovisual Media and Theatre  Department from graduates of another film, audiovisual and purely technical fields.