Dance and Movement Theatre and Education Department

The studies of Dance and Movement Theatre and Education are conceived as two-stage studies (bachelor’s and master’s degrees), in a combined form. The studies take place in weekend blocks (10 times per academic year) and include intensive workshops outside the semesters.

The basic aim of the bachelor’s degree studies is to educate a teacher-creator who is capable of a pedagogical and creative approach to the art of dance and dance and movement education. It aims for dance and movement education to be seen as an extraordinary educational tool with the possibility of developing one’s whole personality. The concept of the studies is unified in taking into account the personal and creative individualities of students. It includes the acquisition of basic knowledge in the field of methodologies of individual dance techniques and movement disciplines, as well as theoretical and historical knowledge in the field of dramatic arts and, last but not least, knowledge in the fields of pedagogy and psychology. It emphasises a personal and creative approach to pedagogical and creative work in the field of dance art.

The master’s degree studies in Dance and Movement Theatre and Education are also designed in a combined form of studies. It builds on the bachelor’s degree studies and deepens the knowledge and competencies of students towards the study programme of dramatic arts with respect for the individual direction of students, namely towards pedagogical work in the field of dance and movement education or dance arts or towards independent work in the field of dance and movement theatre, or in co-operation with creators of productions of theatre genres with the movement component. In both of these directions, the field strives to create professionals, capable of independent and free expression, qualified and critical view of their field and able to react to any new stimuli therein.