Michal Zetel Musical Acting Department

The essence of the existence of all departments at the Theatre Faculty is their difference and diversity in terms of their pedagogical approaches and the way of looking at the phenomenon of theatre itself, in this case, musical theatre. In our department, in addition to teaching basic acting skills with particular emphasis on the synthesis of acting expression and the complex development of the students’ artistic personalities, we are intensively involved in the issue of the direction and development of contemporary musical theatre. It is evident that the current discourse of the genre is dominated by the poetics of the musical as we know it from Broadway and West End, and it is not only for this reason that we consider it important to explore other alternative forms of the musical theatre phenomenon.

Our department is headed by a director/choreographer tandem, and it is with a view to finding new challenges in the field of musical theatre that the department has guest lecturers, so the students can meet a number of inspiring actors, directors and musicians each semester. Workshops with lecturers from all over the world form an essential part of the department. Special emphasis is also placed on co-operation with other departments of the faculty and especially their teachers. In the long term, we also strive to co-operate with the Faculty of Music JAMU and to use the immeasurable potential of top musicians and the possibilities of live accompaniment.