Legal standards

Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (JAMU)


JAMU is an art public higher education institution. JAMU is a legal person established by Act No 168/1947, on the establishment of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts Brno.

Standing at the top of the education system, higher education institutions are the highest centres of education, independent knowledge and creative activity and they play a key role in the scientific, cultural, social and economic development of society by:

  1. (a) preserving and expanding the acquired knowledge and, depending on their type and focus, cultivating scientific, research, development and innovation, artistic or other creative activities;
  2. (b) allowing, in accordance with the democratic principles, access to higher education, the acquisition of appropriate professional qualifications and training for research work and other demanding professional activities;
  3. (c) providing other forms of education and enabling the acquisition, extension, deepening or renewal of knowledge from different fields of learning and culture, thus participating in lifelong learning;
  4. (d) playing an active role in the public debate on social and ethical issues, in fostering cultural diversity and mutual understanding, in shaping civil society and preparing young people for life therein;
  5. (e) contributing to development at the national and regional level and cooperating with various State administration bodies, self-governments, business and the cultural sphere;
  6. (f) developing international and especially European cooperation as an essential dimension of their activities, supporting joint projects with similar institutions abroad, mutual recognition of studies and diplomas, as well as exchange of academic staff and students. The reason and method of establishing the obligated entity, including the conditions and principles under which it pursues its activities.

The superior authority in accordance with Section 20(5) of Act No 106/1999, on free access to information, as amended, is the Office for Personal Data Protection. In accordance with Section 87 of Act No 111/1998, on higher education institutions and amending certain other acts (the Higher Education Institutions Act), as amended, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports performs the tasks of the superior administrative authority of JAMU in administrative proceedings conducted within the performance of State administration.

Contact data

Statutory seat (and Rector’s Office):

Beethovenova 650/2, 662 15 Brno
Data box ID: 7ckj9g2

Theatre Faculty:

Mozartova 647/1, 662 15 Brno

Faculty of Music:

Komenského náměstí 609/6, 662 15 Brno

Theatre on Orlí Street:

Orlí 522/19, 602 00 Brno

Publishing House, Library and Astorka:

Novobranská 691/3, 662 15 Brno

Theatre Studio Marta:

Bayerova 575/5, 602 00 Brno

Billing information

Janáček Academy of Performing Arts

Theatre Faculty

Mozartova 1, 662 15 Brno

Company ID No: 62156462

Tax ID No: CZ62156462