Erasmus + and Exchange Students

Bridging East and West

The Erasmus+ Student Exchange Programme “Bridging East and West” aims to create a space for artistic and educational exchange between European guest students and the specific surroundings of the Central European cultural tradition and atmosphere. By implementing methods and experiences of Czech cultural practice in an internationally oriented artistic teaching process, the “Bridging East and West” programme is designed and developed within the process of collecting contributions from students of European theatre schools, constantly analysing their inputs, needs and preferences and framing them in the wider context of the Central European history of ideas and artistic uniqueness. The BEW programme focuses on subjects of staging and production that pair guest students with Theatre Faculty teachers to develop a small-scale performance for every semester. The final product is then either performed on JAMU grounds or in some hosting venue. Regular faculty students also participate in these projects. In addition, the BEW programme consists of subjects aimed on training the voice and developing movement and dance skills. Furthermore, guest students have the opportunity to attend classes and workshops included in the regular Faculty curriculum. In order to offer guest students the best possible experience, we ask them to send in their requirements in time, preferably along with their letter of application. The international students, who wish to study in the Czech Republic under the intergovernmental agreements and to apply for the scholarships provided by the Czech Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, can join the BEW programme as well. More information about the scholarship awards under intergovernmental exchange programmes can be found: