Festivals and Events

Artistic activities of all conceivable forms are at the core of our faculty. The ability to create art is one of the fundamental objectives of studies and it is simultaneously a subject and a teaching method as well. From the smallest artistic creations in the first years of studies, such as short etudes, academic projects or smaller literary dramatic works depending on the study programme and field, through final projects in individual semesters to complex staging works at a professional level in the creation of bachelor’s and master’s degree graduate performances at university stages in the Marta Studio and the Theatre on Orlí Street.

During the academic year, the faculty organises a number of established events where the artistic activities are regularly presented; it also initiates the creation of original works of art in specific formats such as The Original Creation Show, where stage readings of original dramatic texts are presented by students of our faculty. The most important events traditionally include the unique International Festival of Theatre Schools SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER, the JAMŮví film minifestival and the Graduation Weeks in Studio Marta and the Theatre on Orlí Street.

One of the essential preconditions for the pedagogical activity of academics in art subjects is their own artistic activities, which the faculty not only supports but considers as a standard. All works of art above a certain level are kept in the Register of Artistic Performances.