Devised and Physical Theatre Department

Department motto: The art of the theatre is the art of the actor

The Devised and Physical Theatre  Department offers a master’s degree programme focusing on original theatre, comedic acting, stage movement and intermediality.

Teachers for 2020–2024

doc. MgA. Pierre Nadaud, Head of the Studio (physical theatre, commedia dell’arte, clowning, object theatre) – MgA. Tomáš Hubáček, assistant (intermedia, dramaturgy) – Mgr. Roberta Legros-Štěpánková (the art of movement and dance, choreography, theory of the field) – MgA. Dalibor Buš (improvisation, authorial acting, clowning) – doc. Mgr. Martina Musilová, Ph.D. (dialogical interaction) – BcA. Tomáš Wortner (physical training for actors) – Mgr. Petr Dvořák (theory of intermediality) – MgA. Šimon Peták (theory of the field, dramaturgy and composition, performativity)

Department mentors 2020–2024

Each year has a mentor who monitors and sets the specific creative atmosphere of the studio. For this year, the students are mentored by Andrej Kalinka and Milan Kozánek from the Honey and Dust group.

Departmentmentors in previous years

2016–2019, Ami Hattab, Nicole Mossoux and Patrick Bonté (Compagnie Mossoux-Bonté)

2013–2016, Daniel Gulko (Company Cahin-Caha) and Heinzi Lorenzen

2010–2013, Karine Ponties (Compagnie Dame de Pic), Irina Andreeva and Aleš Janák (group Teatr Novogo Fronta)

2007–2010, Iona Mona PopoviciPetr Váša

About Curriculum, briefly

Our learning process combines three main lines of work, which are directed toward original stage work and its borderline forms (street theatre and site-specific):

  • physical theatre: contemporary mime art, movement analysis and dramaturgy of movement, contemporary dance, choreographic composition, acrobatics, object theatre;
  • authorial acting: improvisation, mask theatre, commedia dell’arte, clowning, buffooneries and tragedy, acting, dialogical interaction, basics of dramaturgy and directing;
  • intermedia: projection, sound, music, lighting design, film gag, interactive use, dance films.

The study programme is supplemented over the course of four years with theoretical courses that touch on the field of physical theatre, theatre dramaturgy and the history and philosophy of theatre. The programme also provides the students, in co-operation with the Theatre Management  Department, with the basics of production for ensembles and independent artists.

Department at JAMU and elsewhere

The individual pedagogical projects are implemented within the Theatre Faculty in cooperation with students and teachers of the studios of scenography, theatre management, directing and dramaturgy, and audiovisual media and theatre. The studio also co-operates with other faculties in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Some of the projects are implemented during stays outside Brno.

Department and international co-operation

Invited teachers, whether for impact workshops or as mentors for a whole year, often come from abroad and the courses are taught in English. As part of their studies, students in the 3rd year (5th semester) are invited to go on an internship for at least six months at a partner school abroad.

Department and the world of professional theatre

Graduate projects are carried out under the guidance of invited mentors and coaches from the professional sphere. Graduate performances and projects are conducted in such a way that students present their work not only at student festivals but also on professional stages in the Czech Republic and even at productions abroad.