Josef Kovalčuk Directing and Dramaturgy Department

A specific feature of the department is the close connection of teaching dramaturgy, directing and creative writing, combined with an emphasis on developing the prerequisites for working with actors. Teachers do not want to lead students to a predetermined view of theatre or to one particular poetics, but instead, try to discover their own personality and give impulses to develop it.

Teaching in the first and second year is aimed at acquiring a broad professional outlook on the theory and history of theatre, as well as literature, film, philosophy, visual arts and music. Students also undergo practical acting training and learn about the methods of acting. Consultation of professional and original works or adaptations is a natural part of the seminars.

In the theatre courses, emphasis is equally placed on the issues of dramatic text, its analysis and interpretation – and in addition on the field of theatricality, where concepts such as dramatic and stage situation, internal and external action, visualisation, embellishment, stylisation, etc. are worked with. Comparative analyses of different approaches to the adaptation of dramatic and non-dramatic texts, as well as of recordings of theatrical productions, are often used as methods of exploration.

Starting in the second semester, students are given assignments to create smaller projects (ranging from work on dialogue and a stage situation to a stage rendering of a prose text to a cross-section of a dramatic text). From Year 3 onwards, they are involved in independent work with students in the acting departments and also undergo internships and assistantships in theatres. They then complete their studies with independent works realized in the school theatre Studio Marta.