Lighting Design Department

The main focus of the Lighting Design Department is to educate professionals on the artistic and technical-operational components of theatres, cultural and artistic institutions and entities operating in the creative industries, with a priority emphasis on the theatre network of the Czech Republic and the process of its transformation.

The two-year follow-up master’s degree studies of lighting design are based on the closest possible connection between dramaturgy, directing and scenography in the creation of the basic spatial-lighting concept of a theatrical production. Students will be guided to think about light in various artistic contexts, from the initial dramaturgical and directorial considerations and the creation of a director’s book, through spatial, stage and costume conception to the actual realisation. By synthesising these practices, this field will profile light design in theatre scenography and it will also focus on the creative use of projection techniques and technologies as well as creative work with light in architecture, audiovisual media, film and television production, performance, installation, exhibition, etc. with a cultural and possibly commercial focus, including advertising. 

Study objectives

The studies in this field aim to create experts in the field of Lighting Design and projection in response to the demand for such experts. These are to become self-sufficient artists with deep knowledge of lighting technologies and techniques with a significant overlap with scenography, a wide range of knowledge (theatre history, dramaturgy) and the ability to creatively apply that knowledge, especially in the field of theatre production. 

Employability of graduates

Graduates will find employment in theatres and cultural institutions of all types in the Czech Republic and abroad, in theatre and para-theatre projects, cultural projects and agencies involved in the implementation of cultural programmes, at the domestic and international theatre and music festivals, in television, film industry, architecture, exhibition, etc. Graduates can establish and run their own lighting design studio. 

Graduate knowledge – a graduate

  • demonstrates broad (practical and theoretical) knowledge in the field of lighting design and projection technologies;
  • showcases respectable knowledge of the development and current trends of lighting technologies and their control devices;
  • has a deep knowledge of the history and theory of world and Czech theatre and scenography;
  • demonstrates an understanding of other theatrical and artistic disciplines (directing, dramaturgy, scenography);
  • has basic knowledge of film, television and architectural lighting, which he or she can expand and apply in these fields; 

Graduate skills – a graduate

  • is able to create, technically document and present the lighting concept of a theatrical production, film, event, show, etc.;
  • is able to independently design and prepare a lighting exhibition, show, etc. – from the dramaturgical concept to implementation;
  • can implement the design of a lighting concept in practice;
  • masters the technology of the theatre space;
  • is able to work with video technology and projections when creating a lighting concept;
  • is familiar with the latest trends in the development of lighting systems and can work with modern audio and video technologies. 

Graduate competencies – a graduate

  • can independently design lighting design for productions of all genres (opera, dance theatre and ballet, drama, musical, etc.);
  • is able to create a lighting concept based on the direction and set and costume concept in a creative team composed of a director and scene (and costumes) designer – lighting designer
  • can develop a lighting concept in visualisation software for a specific type of theatre space with a specific scenography and specific lighting sources and put that concept into practice with the local lighting team. 

Basic information on the admission procedure 

The admission procedure for master’s degree studies at the Theatre Faculty JAMU in the field of Lighting Design is two-round:

the first round of the admission procedure is held without the participation of applicants. The committee evaluates the submitted materials.

The second round takes the form of an interview, a discussion of the submitted projects and an analysis of the assigned dramatic text; the admissions committee will test knowledge of history, theatre, basic stage design and stage technology and knowledge of at least one major language in the form of a written test.

Annexes to the application form:

  • portfolio of own creative works in the field of theatre and visual arts in printed or electronic form according to the nature of the works;
  • reflection on the expected theoretical work (= thesis) and practical graduate work (= graduate artistic performance);
  • structured CV (not to be written in the application form – it must be attached separately);
  • a xerographic copy of the school-leaving examination certificate;
  • a xerographic copy of the academic degree diploma;
  • proof of payment of the administrative fee (see Guidelines for the supplementary selection procedure). 

Deadline for submission of applications and portfolio: 31 March 2021

The second round of the admission procedure: middle of June 2021

Applicants will receive the exact date in the invitation to the admission procedure.

(The Theatre Faculty JAMU reserves the right to change the time frame in which the admission procedure will take place; applicants will be informed about the exact date of the admission examination in the invitation to the admission procedure) 

It is recommended to get acquainted with the European lighting school e-learning: