Music Education and Voice Training  Department

Vocal studies and voice training are one of the main foundations of the field for students of acting. It is clear and obvious that each student comes with a different level of musical and vocal talent. The task and goal of our Department are to develop the vocal apparatus of every future actor, to get acquainted with musical singing literature, folk songs, chansons, dance songs, musical songs, and above all to co-operate with teachers of acting departments on theatre projects. We also offer piano playing (two semesters) and ensemble singing.

The department ensures the teaching of practical and theoretical music disciplines and stage speech for all other departments according to the requirements of their heads. The basic idea is based on the assumption that graduates of these practical fields should be equipped with skills and knowledge in the following areas:

Speech technique – the aim is to build a healthy and sonorous voice, eliminate any diction and vocal deficiencies and equip the listener with adequate theoretical knowledge in the field of orthoepy. The lessons shift into artistic recitation and interpretation of artistic texts.

Singing lessons – the purpose is to equip the student for the demanding artistic or pedagogical practice with the appropriate knowledge and a voice that will be technically correct and controlled, thus meeting the demands of acting practice.

Piano playing for beginners and advanced players.