Nika Brettschneiderová Dramatic Acting Department

The first year is devoted primarily to various improvisational exercises aimed at disinhibiting the flow of imagination, developing partnering and situational sensitivity, and the use of expressive acting devices. The next phase is devoted to the actor’s fixation and repetitiveness of improvised scenes, moving from spontaneity to a more precise structure and stage shape. In the second year, we focus on working with literary subjects. The maximum concreteness of action and the boldness of the actor’s expression shift to the centre of focus. While in the first year, students try to transcend their narrow private selves in given circumstances, in the second we try to touch on the mystery of acting transformation.

The third and fourth years focus on the further development of acting creativity and technique. The acting technique must become second nature to the students, it must not hinder imagination, but rather visualise it into intense expression. In addition to acting projects (third year), the studio further deepens the disciplines that lead to the mastery of internal and external acting techniques – movement and acting production, development of speech expression, singing, basics of movement theatre, etc. During this period, students should learn the art of transposing themselves (their unique personality) and learn more deeply about the secrets of acting transformation. In the fourth year, the department will create four to five productions on the faculty stage of Studio Marta.