Oxana Smilková Dramatic Acting Department

Our department uses the Metaphorical Method for the professional education of an actor, which reorientates the student in the process of its acquisition into a creator capable of perceiving the ethical and aesthetic sense of his or her personality, and also perceiving his or her body and psyche as tools for one’s own creation. I am talking about the transformation of students’ human qualities into creative qualities, about the ongoing transformation in the development of an artistic self capable of renewing imaginative and sensual thinking. In the first two years, the student continuously changes his or her relationship with the body’s own capabilities, to the intensity of its performance. This is facilitated by metaphorical training, which is an inseparable part of the metaphorical method, and its technical means, forming the body into an artistic tool of the profession. Nurturing the student’s talent is closely linked to the building of the creator’s personal moral law, in which empathy is the law of human relations – both in the studio and in everyday life. I will stress that the perception of any object for the act of art, situation, act, action, choice of circumstances, events, etc. is strictly filtered and deepened by the actor’s personal compassion for the world, for man.

In the department, students also study classical methods of teaching acting according to K. S. Stanislavsky, M. Chekhov, V. E. Meyerhold, J. Grotowski and others, including their terminology.

It should be emphasised that the entire pedagogical team of voice, movement, music and theoretical teaching and education purposefully complements, develops and improves the programme of the department’s pivotal subject – acting.