The Department for Theatre Research

The Department for Theatre Research focuses on research into theatre, audiovisual media and related boundary phenomena. Within the framework of interdisciplinary research, it combines theatrical, historical, sociological, media analytical and anthropological methods and seeks intersections with the field of artistic research. In collaboration with the faculty’s teachers and students, it develops the potential of this direction, which connects the process of artistic creation with academic discourse.

It also focuses on more general questions of art theory and history, art pedagogy, the philosophy of dialogue in relation to theatre, political aspects of theatre and research into the feedback loop using objectivist methods. It co-operates with research institutions in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The Department is an active member of the domestic and international scientific and artistic community. Its members participate in conferences, workshops or research projects, the outputs of which are published in the expert and scientific press.

In cooperation with teachers and students, the department initiates and organises international conferences, symposia, workshops and various research projects. Together with the JAMU Publishing House, it implements the editorial activities of the Theatre Faculty, encourages the publishing activities of its teachers and students and participates in the professional editing of publications.

Through its continuous pedagogical activities in the bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and doctoral cycle, it provides JAMU students with knowledge about the current state of theatre and audiovisual media, as well as the latest methodological tendencies.