Theatre Management and Stage Technology  Department

The Theatre Management  Department prepares three types of specialised theatre managers and artistic-technical operations staff in the form of bachelor’s and master’s degree studies.

The bachelor’s degree studies in theatre management prepare theatre managers for middle management positions in theatres, capable of working independently in their own agencies, with in-depth knowledge of the management of workgroups and departments in the theatre, comprehensively versed in theatre issues across the whole spectrum, good language skills, significant knowledge of legal issues, specialised in the management of artistic companies and the management of marketing departments in theatres and arts agencies. During their studies, students meet international experts in theatre management and marketing. They perform their bachelor’s degree performance in one of the school theatres or as part of the International Festival SETKÁNÍ/ENCOUNTER.

The bachelor’s degree studies in stage technology prepare theatre managers capable of managing artistic and technical departments in the fields of stage lighting (chief lighting technician), stage sound (chief sound technician) and stage construction (stage master), or managing all these artistic and technical components of a theatre (artistic and technical operations manager – stage manager) with a comprehensive overview of the whole range of theatrical issues, with good language skills, specialisation in theatrical artistic and technical fields (lighting, sound, construction) with the ability to set up and manage an agency offering services in the aforementioned fields of art and technology. During their studies, students meet with local and international professionals and practice in school theatres, where they also perform their bachelor’s degree performance.

The master’s degree studies in theatre management create theatre managers with overlap into general art management, with deep knowledge of theatre profiling and management, the position of theatre in society, foundation activities, financing of non-profit organisations in our country and around the world, well versed in foreign management, reflecting the history and tradition of European theatre and the traditions of its management, with excellent language skills, allowing them to communicate and co-operate with foreign partners in confidence, with exceptionally advanced knowledge of legal matters and deep knowledge of theatre-related issues (theatre theory and technology). During their studies, students also meet with foreign experts in theatre, art and general management in seminars conducted in English. Students have the opportunity to participate in internships abroad and to take part in international projects such as the Prague Quadrennial.

The studies aim to create a theatre manager – a partner to the members of the creative team (director, dramaturge and stage designer) – a confident and productive member of this equal creative team.