Václav Cejpek Directing and Dramaturgy Department

Theatre is a phenomenon that attempts to repeatedly create an image of the world through very specific means. It contributes to its recognisability in a quite distinctive way. The basic concept of teaching in the department is based on the notion of “theatre” understood as such; therefore, the main axis of study is formed by the search for connections, which is one of the essential principles of creation. If theatrical thinking is to be productive, it must be able to look for connections, link individual pieces into larger wholes, create chains of ideas and coherent lines of facts, create polemical situations (clashes of contrasts) and evaluate them. The structure of individual lectures and seminars and the structure of the entire study programme is built on this basic principle – sorting, connecting, chaining. Directing and dramaturgy are understood as a way of thinking about the world; at the same time, it is a search for ways to embody such thinking in a creative theatrical act.

The study programme is aimed at developing the students’ creativity and creative personality. Emphasis is placed on the context of related disciplines that directly influence the creation of the dramaturgical and directorial concept of a theatre project (literature, music, visual arts, film, etc.). Throughout their studies, students are encouraged to work as a team, which is primarily represented in the department as mutual cooperation between the dramaturge and the director. The work with the actor is considered very important as the most important means of the director’s expression on stage, searching for the actor’s truth, authenticity and richly structured character; the co-operation of dramaturgy and directing students with acting students is mainly realised within the framework of projects.

The bachelor’s degree programme is more analytical and more fact-oriented so that the student acquires the necessary knowledge base in the history and theory of theatre and dramatic arts. At the same time, however, the creative component of talent (imagination and fantasy) is also developed through various types of performance projects. The follow-up master’s degree studies complete the exploration of the structure of a dramatic text. The theory of theatre is presented in the form of case lectures on individual issues of modern theatre; furthermore, the relationship between the dramatic text and the theatrical production is examined as well. The studies are more independent and oriented towards more comprehensive production projects and seminar papers. The students’ theatre work is completed with a graduation project, which is a production in the Marta Studio or in the Theatre on Orlí Street. In the spirit of the credit system, students have the opportunity to shape their study programme to a large extent based on their specific interests.