Astorka dormitory

The Astorka Information, Teaching and Accommodation Centre serves primarily as a university dormitory for students of the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno. It was built in 1997–1998 based on the design of architects Zdeněk Makovský and Jaroslav Černý right in the historical centre of the city. It is located between the Baroque fortress Špilberk, the neo-Gothic cathedral of St. Peter and Paul, the Baroque church of St. Tomas, the church of St. James and the Gothic Měnín Gate. There are cultural, entertainment and shopping centres nearby.

On the ground floor in the foyer of the building there is a gatehouse with a 24/7 reception service. You will also find a large hall and classrooms for students of the Theatre Faculty, the Studio of Musical Acting, and in the basement there are three rehearsal rooms for students of the Faculty of Music. There is also a self-service laundry room in the basement. On the second floor of the building there is a modern library, a multimedia study room and the JAMU Publishing House. On the third floor there is the JAMU Research Centre with language-focused classrooms; the hotel reception is open 24 hours a day also during the summer holidays. This reception is also used throughout the academic year for administrative activities associated with short-term overnight visits by students, guests of JAMU and members of the academic community. Part of the third floor, fourth, fifth, sixth floor and part of the seventh floor are used for student accommodation.

Accommodation uses a cell-based system. One cell consists of an entrance hall, bathroom with a toilet and two rooms equipped with telephone, refrigerator and Internet connection for your own computer. There are kitchenettes on each floor and wing of the building. There is a small restaurant in the building on the ground floor, which is operated by an established entrepreneur. There are relaxation zones on each floor and there is a large open terrace on the 2nd floor and a small terrace on the 3rd floor.

Phone: If you are interested in accommodation at the hotel, please contact Mrs Hájková ( phone: +420 542 592 300 (hotel reception phone: +420 542 592 370).

Private accommodation

If you do not want to or cannot live in dormitories, you can try to find a private sublet or live with a roommate. In addition to printed advertisements, information can also be found on the Internet, for example on Facebook or specialised advertising servers.

Here are link to some of these. If some do not work, or if you happen to find another one that you think would be better suited here, please contact us at:

  •  – student portal
    This website advertises offers for dormitory exchanging or private housing, which you can sort and filter in various ways.
    Here you will find newly renovated apartments for students in Brno, Komín and Žabovřesky. But do not expect anything under CZK 3,000.
    This website contains a varied offer of roommates. People use it to look for roommates in either a room or an apartment.
  • – student accommodation
    On this portal, choose South Moravian Region. The advantage here is that you can see how old the advertisement is. Offers are put there by students from various universities.
    This site is operated directly by the Masaryk University, which uses it to offers exchanges or offers or demands for housing. Most of the contributions here come directly from students.
    Search on Facebook as well! This social network mediates contributions from students who offers or ask for housing here. You can usually find some suitable accommodation on Facebook.

Astorka dormitory