Recording studio

Recording studio of the Theatre on Orlí Street

The recording studio of the Theatre on Orlí Street is a newly opened unique facility in the historic centre of Brno.  Our studio offers top acoustic properties, great technical equipment and professional staff – you can turn your projects into reality while enjoying above-standard conditions.


We offer recording services, we can ensure the technological equipment and personnel for recording outside the studio (concert halls, music clubs, etc.), as well as all post-production services – mixing, mastering, LP/MC digitisation, restoration of historical recordings.

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We ensure the following services for students and employees of JAMU:

  • all studio recordings that are part of their study obligations;
  • studio recordings for competitions, auditions and internships abroad;
  • non-commercial recordings not related to their studies at very discounted prices.

To organise a student recording session, contact us as soon as possible by phone on 770 114 142 or by email at A timely planning of the recording date is always required. If the required studio dates are already occupied, the recording cannot take place.

Parking is available in the theatre building for several cars during the recording session. Due to the limited capacity of the parking area, it is necessary to notify the number of cars in advance.


Rental price list for commercial purposes

Rental price list for JAMU students and employees


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