Invitation for the author’s production Night



Please accept the invitation to the author’s production Night directed by Daša Belková, a student of Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, who is studying in the theatre direction and dramaturgy department of Prof. Oslzlý and Prof. Krobot within the ERASMUS+ programme. The premiere will take place on Wednesday 29/05/2024 at 19:00, repeat on Thursday 30/05/2024 at 12:00, always in the large rehearsal room of  the Theatre Orlí Street (6th floor).

Admission is free, reservations are recommended  here.  

More about the performance:

In the silence of the night, a forlorn man draws colorful flowers. He believes that the long lonely day will soon be over, that in a little while I will again meet other human beings, whom he will welcome with his own. But then, out of nowhere, an unknown voice speaks out of the darkness. A voice that calls him with unwavering certainty the last man on the planet…

Through an atypical dialogue, the performance Night talks about the power of loneliness of human beings, about the inner desires and suffering of a person who has lost almost everything, about the meaning of his being, about faith, about hope, questions about the existence of truth, justice, or even the real world.

Playwright and direction: Daša Belková

Cast: Veronika Gašperanová, Klaudia Chomisteková, Ema Poliaková, Matyáš Walder

Set and lighting design: Carmen Costales Galindo, María Costales Galindo,  Carolina Villadóniga Díaz

Costumes: Carmen Costales Galindo, María Costales Galindo,  Carolina Villadóniga Díaz, Irena Auerová

Music: Klaudia Chomisteková, David Bartoň